The Mechanics Of The Coffee Economy

Commodity focused but a good read.


The coffee retail business is highly considered as a recession proof business. But during this recession, it was proven otherwise.
Since the pandemic started Arabica Coffee Futures has been somewhat ranging around 120 cents/lb. The highest value coffee has reached since then was 139.30 cents/lb. However, what is to unfold during the upcoming few months for coffee is going to be very interesting.

Let us begin with America. Why is the US DOLLAR the world’s reserve currency? Every other currency is priced against the dollar. So, it will be very important and advisable to see where America stands? America is the global economic leader, the powerhouse. We are not going to discuss here, how America came into that power, especially after WWII. But we are going to speak about how the commodity futures market is (in this case coffee) to be affected by some of the US economical-fundamental data.

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