Aaron Davis:The effect of Climate change is reshaping coffee production

A video that looks at the real human affect of climate change in a country that offers the largest number of Varieties. In this video you will see real examples of what is happening as a result of climate change.

Spoiler alerts:

  • Trees that were productive, are not longer producing;
  • See a map of the areas that have been affected already, and ones that they project will be, including new areas that may become more suitable.
  • An overall reduction of area where it is more suitable to grow coffee;
  • But some coffee that was not really valuable will become valuable;
  • Plans and recommendations being put in place.
  • Areas that have been affected by dramatic deforestation.
  • Lose of some origins, and new ones anticipated
  • They have produced an atlas for Ethiopia to use to move their productions.
  • Climate resistant coffees that have been found.
  • The importance of on farm interventions.
  • Surprising results regarding the least suitable areas coffee is growing.
  • Is this Armageddon? Watch the video to find out?

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