Quaffee newsletter V5 I4 – June 2016

There are four (and a bit) items of news:

Our Colombians are in stock again, we have a new Limited Reserve release, we are having a home brewing focused open day and there are some changes
in the Jura range.

Our Colombians

We have built up a reputation for our Colombian coffees and, after having visited the country and the company involved in the Quality Control (QC) – Caravela, I can see why these coffees are rather special. They represent the crema of the crop, with farmers being directly rewarded for quality they are driven to improve their coffees. Caravela only buys the top 5% of the coffees that they are offered a twice the going market price, and they work with the farmers for them to achieve higher quality and reward them for it.

Our last shipment of Colombians that got lost, are in stock again. Packaged and shipped mid-March they only arrived at our warehouse last Wednesday. We lost a bit of the shipment on the way due to bad handling, but that is how the cookie crumbles. We are already processing our new order so we can have stock on the water as soon as possible. Since 2008 we have only run out of stock of these coffees on 2 separate occasions and we plan to try and
prevent this from happening again. We are working with Caravela to try and ensure we do not run out and may leverage off their UK operations in the future.

New Limited Reserve

For those that are on the limited reserve list and took the opportunity to get our first release, the Reserve Hacienda Esmeralda, well done and thank you for making it a success! We as the staff had hoped to each get 200g but ended up getting only 75g each since the Limited Reserve was so oversubscribed.

ninety plus kemgin

We are now focusing on releasing a new Limited Reserve, and although we normally only offer this to those on the “notify me of limited edition coffees” list, we are including it in the newsletter since we are also offering this coffee via an online partner: Cape Coffee Beans.

The coffee we are offering this time will be roasted 12 July 2016, distributed 13 and 14 July only to those that have ordered. It will be the first time ever in our country that a South African roaster has offered this range of coffee from a company called Ninety Plus. The coffee we are offering is the
Kemgin W2 Level 7, you can read more by clicking on the image of the peach. Ninety plus coffees are used all over the world at various barista and brewing competitions and they have made their name as the coffee to have if you want something that is special. We will be offering this coffee at R350.00 per 200g tin and the final order will be accepted 09:00 Tuesday 11 July, unless it is already sold out.

Home Brewing Open Day

Our belief is that the best coffee in Cape Town should be able to be enjoyed at your home. Love is needed to get the best out of your coffee and the best loving is done at home. So we are having an open day on Saturday 16 July where we invite anyone who brews at home with whatever method they use, to come and share what you do and how you brew. Don’t be shy, this is not a competition and we will be on hand too if you have questions, but we want the real coffee lovers of Cape Town (that’s you!) to be there to share their methods. We may even have some special coffees for you to try on the day. See you there from 10am until 12:30, no reservations required.

Jura Range

Never in the history of selling Jura have we seen so many new machines, whether it is because they have extra competition or they have been more innovative, we are not sure. The Jura range still offers one of the best ways to conveniently turn coffee beans into brewed coffee. The range is simple if you just look at intended function:

  • entry level domestic,
  • entry level office,
  • all in one domestic,
  • mid volume office,
  • and executive home or office.

When looking at this range we see that all of the sections have a new machine except the entry-level domestic range where they still offer the little wonder: the Ena1 (we are impressed with this machine and how good a job it does). Otherwise the other machines in order of above mentioned categories are the E6; then E8 (we prefer the F9 which is being discontinued, so have not been offering this); then the WE6 or WE8 (for cappuccino lovers) and the Z6. Yes, there are others in the range but we are only offering them to those that are insistent; we do not recommend them.

We were hoping to have all of this on our new website but we have had a few issues taking it live, not the least of which was a massive spamming attack on the temporary new site which forced us to shut down the temp site on Friday (we received 1000’s off attempts to attack the site, I won’t get in to the details, but this is one of the issues of using off the shelf packages, there are off the shelf hacking tools available for them too).

We will be updating our old website with these products in the next week. One note that is of interest all the new machines are able to accommodate a smart adapter that can now talk to a smartphone or tablet app, so as long as your cup is in place you can remote brew, change your recipe and even get reminded when water or coffee runs out.

One last thing

We have a new van if you see it making deliveries Instagram or tweet the pic and you may win 250g of one of the Colombian coffees.

Spot our new van on the road this week and Instagram or tweet a pic with #FreshQuaffeeVan and you could win 250g coffee.

A photo posted by Quaffee South Africa (@quaffeesa) on Jun 27, 2016 at 7:02am PDT


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