By tasting coffee that compares in region, origin and especially if it is from the same supplier from other roasters this is your best way to understand how you are presenting yourself to the market. It is like a handicap system in golf. You need to know what yours is in comparison to those who are also playing the same round of golf.

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It’s always good to compare yourself to the best in your field. This way you never get wrapped up in your own bubble and always see the areas you need to improve. This applies to roasteries and coffee shops.

In roasteries there will most likely be another roaster using the same coffee as you at any given time. This makes comparison easy, just do a side by side of your profile vs theirs. Accounting for variations in style and also the water + extraction level your competition uses you can see who did a better job on the cupping table. With so much competition now roasteries really have to push themselves to constantly improve, after all they’re competing with other business across the world. Finding another roaster who has gotten more sweetness or flavour from a coffee would be a clear sign they can push themselves to do better.


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