Price Transparency for Quaffee’s Imports Year 2015

Full transparency of imports 2015

Full transparency disclosure for Quaffee’s coffee imports 2015:

Embedded Sheet below

OR see Quaffee’s Coffee Imports 2015



  1. […] At Quaffee we continually try and improve the quality of the coffee offering. Quality is relative so what you believe is good today, may not cut it tomorrow as you may tasted and sampled better. As we sample and are offered better and better coffees, what we consider a minimum standard of quality takes a step up the rung in the ladder of quality. Of course each rung of quality does come with a price premium, which we believe is worth paying. As we source coffees closer to the producer we are able to access these higher quality coffees. Working with agents and producers that give back through education and living wages helps to promote the full cycle of production and this takes a premium. As testimony to our conviction, we’ve posted a full summary of all the coffees we’ve imported this year, read more here. […]

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