Exciting news about Limu

LimuOnAnMapIf you have been receiving our newsletter, you would have read that we have been sourcing higher quality East African coffees. One of these coffees we are very excited about is Limu. We have not had access to a high quality Limu for a while, and so Limuhas not been as Quaffable as our other coffees. Limu is the area where most heirloom Arabica varietals are found in the world, and to not have a great coffee from this region is – to be frank – an embarrassment. We had been forced to offer a coffee that we do not consider Specialty Grade, just run of the mill commercial grade coffee.

So after tasting a few we selected the Limu Konjo from Falcon Specialty (we hope to be visiting the area later this year or early next year). This coffee has cost us almost 3 times the price that we have paid in the past, but we believe it is worth it.

It is a great coffee, and we it will be available from the middle of next week, when we will also publish info on the coffee (tasting notes and more details on its processing)

Remember that our latest coffee prices and offering are always to be found at quaffee.co.za/coffee.

We will be tasting this coffee at our event on the 10 Oct, so if you are keen to taste it book here quaffee.co.za/events/10Oct2015


The Quaffee Team

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