Ena 1 setting the descaling

Descriptions of picture:

  1. Single bean button (top left, between the tiny and small cup)
  2. Triple Bean Button (top right, between small and large cup)
  3. Ristretto button – (tiny cup button, bottom left)
  4. Espresso button – (small cup button, middle bottom)
  5. Coffee Button – (large cup bottom right)
Programming hardness:

Precondition: ENA read for use.

  • Touch button [1] (one bean) and button [2] (triple bean) for at least 2 seconds
  • The [1] & [2] light up along with the descaling and cleaning lights
  • Briefly touch the descaling button
  • Touch the desired level of hardness (the number of cups lit up is the hardness, so fo SA touch button [3] – ristretto.
  • Touch the descaling button to save.

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