Quaffee Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 6

With most of 2013 gone, we are in a fortunate position where once again we have shown growth. This year we are on target for over 17% growth, thanks to you our faithful clients.

The experiment we started in 2009 to try and source more coffees from estates, we believe has afforded us the opportunity to offer some great coffees.

So in the newsletter we will have a quick summary of the coffees landed and available, then discuss the new coffees coming and give details on our open day 2 November 2013.

Our latest estate coffees

Of the four coffees we have landed in the last 5 weeks, 3 are from Café Imports. They are a pleasure to deal with and they work with a number of coffee grower and growing communities throughout the world, ensuring they can produce consistently good coffees. The two we have made available so far are:

  • Triunfo from Mexico. Which is grown in a Bio-diverse environment and is organically and fair trade certified. The coffee has more body than is expected from Mexican coffees, and has already developed a following. It is also a small portion of the Wildly Organic blend, which too has become popular. Read more on Triunfo here: Mexican fair trade coffee
  • Sertãozinho from Brazil. This is the first pulp natural yellow bourbon we have done, and we love it. Subtle fruit and rich body make it excellent in almost any coffee preparation. We have already gone through 1.5 bags in the first 3 weeks, and only bought in 21, so we expect it will go soon. Read more about it here: Brazilian yellow bourbon.

The other coffee we have been able to source is through a new South African importer called Bespoke. They work with one of the large coffee export import companies. This company has been given access to small lots of estate coffees and Kiamabara comes from them, it offers great value and has great deep mocha and chocolate tastes.

Coffees about to arrive

The coffee that is part of our latest experiment should be here in the next week. We participated in the Mexican cup of Excellence awards and were able to one the one lot with an Australian roaster. This is the first time we have bought coffee on a Cup Of Excellence (COE) auction and are very excited about it. Since our calculations tell us that the raw unroasted coffee will probably cost in the region of R300 a kg, we are going to have our own survey to help us decide at what price people they will purchase the coffee, so if you are keen to participate, look at our facebook site http:://www.facebook.com/quaffee

See poll below

Open day

We all have families and things to do on weekends, but we have had a number of requests for an open day. We have decided to have our next open day on the second of November at Buitenverwachting. It will be from 09:30 until 12:30, and we will have at least 3 coffees to taste, and will be doing brewing demonstrations of various brew techniques.

We will post this event on our facebook site in the coming week.


Thanks once again for reading the newsletter and your fantastic support, we look forward to hearing and seeing more of you.

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