Drinkability rating, how do you rate your coffee?

Over the years of drinking and assessing coffees I have been exposed to a number of guides of tasting coffee. At the end of all of this the essence is down to enjoyment. Does it really help if the coffee has mocha, or nuts or lemon. The most important thing is how much you enjoy it.

So I have been pondering a rating. In music I rate a song as how much I want to listen to that song, if I love a song can I listen to it on repeat for 5 times, 3 or perhaps I would rather skip it. This give the song a rating of 0 (no thanks next) to 5 (hell yes play it again and again SAM – some audible music)

This is how coffee should be rated. I call it a Drinkability rating.

If you taste a coffee and want to spit it out then it gets a rating of 0, if you drink half a cup before saying well that warmed me up but I cannot drink another sip. Or you finish the cup and then you do not feel like another, or You have another etc. Let us say we can have a maximum of 5 in a sitting.

So that is my rating: 5 for I can drink it until I get the shakes and cannot hold the cup, 3 is great coffee I will have 2 more, 1 is it barely deserves to be called coffee, and 0 means give me another beverage if that is what you are offering.

So how do you rate your coffee on this scale?

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