Quaffee Newsletter V2 I3 April 2013

Quaffee Newsletter

V2 I 3 April 2013

Welcome to the third Issue Quaffee Newsletter for 2013.

Once again a very eventful month, ending with the good news that the Buitenverwachting grape harvest was very successful, and now we can make plans to move our roaster back to the little roastery we have come to call home.

In the second week of March we had a record week of all time, and this we are sure is a positive sign, with our month on month growth strong.

We are having a tasting opening on Sat 20th April, from 10am to 12am. Pop in taste some coffees, stay for a picnic, or lunch at Buiten.

Regards, The Quaffee Team


Buitenverwachting event

We held our first coffee and food pairing event, and this was very successful, we have a little write up for those that want to read more, go here: Coffee and Food Paring April 2013. In summary we followed a world wide trend in pairing coffee with food, as most people do with wine, and the results were positive.

Limited Edition Coffees

With the Sao Judas now sold out, we are soon offering the Cup of Excellence winner from Guatamala, El Injerto. We are slowly determining the ultimate roast profile that tingles our taste buds, and this should be finalized by the 20th. The good news is that we have 130kgs so this Limited Edition Coffee may last a little longer.el injerto

The coffee from Finca El Injerto, is grown surrounded by a thousand-year-old virgin forest. This gives the farm its special climate and adequate conditions to have clean water that springs directly from the mountains. The coffee is grown between 1,500 and 2,000 m and has been placed high up in the Cup Of Excellence awards four years running, winning it in 2012.

On Saturday 20 April, we will have 2 ways to taste the new coffee, between 10am and 12am at Buitenverwachting. So pop in.

Crown Coffees

Although we do not sell any coffee grown in South Africa we were introduced to Crown Coffees. They will also be selling and allowing for tasting on the 20th April at the tasting day between 10am and 12am. Chad will be on hand to answer any questions.

crown coffeeThe coffee in general is naturally sweet and has a rich caramel taste; this general taste has a lot of variants as the flavours vary according to the day on which the cherries were picked. There are now seven thousand trees in the orchard that were grafted from the mother tree, which was found growing naturally in the forest on the farm and is suspected to have arrived when the area was being used to grow tea and farmers experimented with coffee this means the mother plants genes would have been quite pure as they would not have been as mixed as the coffee trees of today.

Machine news / Open tasting day

This weekend I am off to a Jura event, and will have information for anyone that pops in on the 20th. We will have 3 Juras at the event, a filter machine and of course the Rancilio espresso machine and grinder. We are looking at doing 3 coffees using the Jura, one of the 3 brewed using the drip filter, and one via the Rancilio Espresso. The CoE winner will probably be available on the Rancilio.No RSVP is required, since it is open to all, but we will post the event onfacebook.


Thanks for reading, and you support. 2013 has started well and we appreciate all the good will you are spreading. You are our most important marketing assets, as we believe we prefer to spend money on the product rather than marketing, since our product is our marketing through our clients.

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