New Jura coffee machine’s available in South Africa

This month Jura announce which of the new models will be available here in South Africa.
Jura Ena Micro 9 OT
First, the old Ena range has been discontinued. Of the new range only the Ena Micro 9 is going to be made available in South Africa. The good news is the price. It will be under R10,000.00. The bean container takes 15g more than the old one, the tank is the same size, but the machine is slightly smaller than the machine it replaces, shaving off 800m on from the sides and 500mm from the top.

Jura Impressa F50 ClassicThere are also changes with the classic F50, and now they call it the The Jura F50 Classic. The most dramatic change is that the “platinum” panels are gone, replaced with the piano black panels that where on the C5/C9 and Xf50. Otherwise it also has the new Jura grinder, and an updated frother, which we first saw on the J9 and Z7. We have always loved the functionality of the F50, and this latest update we believe will still be a star performer, and it is selling for less than R10,000 now. If you are a serious coffee drinker or an office looking for a solution this should be the first machine you look at.

Jura Xs9OT

More a model name change than any thing else the Xs9OT replaces the old Xs90/95 OT. So what’s new? Well actually very little, just the model name change and lik all the Jura’s a new grinder. One thing that has changed is the price. The Xs9OT will be under the 20k mark. This machine is popular because it has a 5.7 litre tank. We have always been unhappy with the grinder in the old one, but I have not had enough experience with the new one to comment yet.

Jura’s new range and prices are available on Quaffee’s web site:

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