Iced Coffee for those Heat Waves

So we are in the middle of a heat wave. Time to innovate. Here is a step by step way to make iced coffee in 2 to 3 minutes.

You will need:

  • Mixer shaker, either cocktail or plastic, makes no difference
  • about a handful of ice, more if you want Americano type coffee (coffee with more more than 60ml per 7 g)
  • A coffee machine that can make you coffee of choice, in this case we used a Jura Impressa Z7
  • A cup, unless you are suffering from heat exhaustion and drink straight out of the mixer

Step 1:

Add ice to the mixer shaker, with a touch of water if making espresso. And if you are a sweet tooth a pinch of sugar (optional) See pic:

Add ice to the mixer shaker
Frog Quaffer Making Iced Coffee Step 1

See the anticipation on Frog Quaffers face. Keep mixer shaker away from any part of the body that drips sweat as this may cause a salty taste.

Step 2

Prepare the coffee (you can do this first, but Frog Quaffer is quite fussy about his aromas, and freshness for him is something he wages his tongue at)

Make Double Espresso fresh
Frog Quaffer Making Ice Coffee 2

Luckily the ambient humidity does not affect this kind of brew, and neither does the ambient light even if it is shining down from the Jura

Step 3

Pour the espresso straight into the mixer shaker, try and to ensure that no one tries to zap some while pouring so keep an eye for coffee lovers while pouring.

Pour Espresso In
Pour Espresso on to ice

See the tongue tingling crema mixing, and stead your heart, you are almost there.

Step 4

Shake it baby. Now this is not normal a task for a barista, but a bar tender or a well trained Barrister (in his spare time) can normally achieve this with easy.

Ice Coffee After Shaking
Almost there, see the froth at the top

Wait for almost all the ice to disolve…

Step 5

Enjoy, try not to drink it to fast. Other wise you will have to make another…

Ready To Drink
Ready To Drink - YUMMY

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